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Boutique Photography Studio


We take COVID-19 very seriously, so we’ve come up with some safety measures so that we can continue to create the high-quality images you need. This isn’t business as usual, but we’re happy to say we’re still working hard over here!


Here are some of the steps we’re taking and how they work:

Curbside pickup and dropoff

Pickup and Dropoff location is very easy to find, and is slightly different from normal entry to the building, please coordinate with Lindsay for address

• When you come to drop off, simply pre-load all of the samples into your trunk

• When you get here, call (323) 332-2868 (it’s a landline – no text)

• Pop the trunk

• Someone will come down and pick up the samples directly from your trunk

• Pickup works the same way, just call, pop the trunk, and someone will load your samples into your   trunk for you.

You don’t even have to get out of the car!

On Model Photography

We use tethering software that enables the client to log in and view the images AS THEY ARE PHOTOGRAPHED, IN REAL TIME! The whole time, you can be on a phone call with Lindsay (headset) as she is shooting in order to give real-time feedback and make adjustments.

A number of our clients who have tried this method have found it to be easy, very convenient and SAFE.

We are currently shooting with only the model and photographer on-set.

Client will still only participate remotely at this point in time.

Allowances will be made for a hair / makeup artist to do a “Do ‘n’ Go.” Hair / Makeup Artist will be required to wear a mask at all times, and in addition will have to wear a face shield while working with the model. Thorough and proper cleaning of all tools before use on the model will also be required. On-Set Practices Agreement and Waiver will need to be signed beforehand.

We ask that you drop off the samples at least 2 days prior so that organization and steaming can be done in advance of the shoot. Please also have all looks and accessories pre-decided / coordinated.

We are very fortunate to have a model as a next door neighbor: KJ Schel. She’s very talented, and has flawless skin.

KJ and the team have been in quarantine together and are considered in the same “bubble.”

We are opening up to other models as well (that pass the health risk screening process and sign the agreement and waiver forms), although will not be holding any in-person casting sessions for the time being.

All high-touch surfaces in the studio, bathroom, (and stair banister) will be thoroughly cleaned prior to shoot.

Please click below to download forms: 

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