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Boutique Photography Studio


Three Sisters Chanel 033017 0028 Retouch

Lindsay George

LA-based photographer Lindsay George has been styling, lighting, and shooting for over a decade. After earning her BA in Photography, Lindsay started her career with a major women's fashion company, where she excelled in shooting clothing and accessories for online and print. Lindsay ran the show as the Director of Photography until she launched her freelance career. 


Her mastery extends beyond photography and across marketing, brand development, and product promotion - specializing in beauty, fashion, advertising, and lifestyle. Lindsay does what it takes at every shoot with ease and grace, never faltering in her flexibility and sense of humor.  Ensuring a relaxed atmosphere, her final images exude the mood and style of every brand. 


Lindsay can make a laptop sexy, display finely detailed jewelry, and highlight the uniqueness of models for lifestyle shoots. Her retouching is versatile in maintaining natural appearances, creating flawless beauty, or surreal backdrops - always creating highly coveted final images. 


Sought out for her unique style, undeniable talent, and highly-developed expertise, she has lectured on photography and retouching at UCLA and other universities. To speak to a professional who can take your business to the next level, reach out to Lindsay.


Ilene Kulk

Ilene Kulk graduated from FIDM with a degree in Fashion Design and has worked in the garment industry since 1980 - 10 years with her own clothing line - Max & Mabel. For the past 12 years she's been photographing other peoples’ lines (clothing, shoes, jewelry, handbags, lingerie, swimwear, accessories) and preparing their web photos, linesheets, lookbooks, postcards, and catalogs. 


She understands this industry and how to accommodate the needs of manufacturers, sales reps, PR firms, and buyers - so you don’t have to hold her hand at each stage. She knows you are overwhelmed and under huge time and budget constraints - so tell her what you need and she gets the job done! 

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